Mtouch was founded in November  , 2014,  as a Hi-tech company which aims to deliver products that value everyone’s lifestyle. Mtouch brings a wide range of choices from smart phones, tablets and other lifestyle devices. Mtouch develops trusted devices continuously to further strengthen itself in the information industry both in products and services that better meet the needs of its target market. Mtouch designed to help you connect with your friends on a new way and committed to providing users with advanced smart phones and new possibilities.


The year of 2014 marked Mtouch's commitment to become the first Mobile water-resistant & shock-proof and first kids tablet in Egypt. In its first year, Mtouch worked to be the brand that provides customers with a new way for child learning and playing. The dream immediately became a reality that impressed all the customers. In the end of 2014,we launched Power bank with capacity of 13000 mAh, soon it became the everyone’s favorite choice.
Mtouch is a pioneer in the IT industry in the region as it always brings first in the market innovations to our customers such as water-resistant, shock-proof, highest IP68, Octa core mobile phone; the first Android tablet for kids with supporting 3G Dual-SIMs.

In the early of 2015, 8 tablets with various possibilities had launched and it won a good fame from the market. In the middle of 2015, we had launched new Power bank with new capacity of 8000 mAh.

In 2016, 7 new smart phone models had launched in addition to existing models with high specification and quality, they equipped with Finger print, 3G / 4G support, Dual-SIM, Quad core ,Octa core, high-Camera resolution ,  big RAM and ROM, stylish metal body design, long life battery, multi sensors, etc.

In the current period we are working on establishing new factory and R & D center to meet our customer's ambitions and demands. We spread widely and set up branches and service centers in all areas of Egypt.


Our Vision 


        To lead the market and be a major player in the Middle East Markets.

        Make Mtouch a globally respected name.   


         To make our customers feel the care and enjoy the full supports wherever he is and whenever he wants

          Focus on customer delighting

          Pursuit technology and trade leadership


            We are proud of what we are.

            We believe that Together we win