Frequently Asked Questions

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USB cable, Charger ,Earphones , Protector , Cover

You can take a screen-shot by pressing and holding the "power button" and " volume- down button" at the same time for 2 seconds. If that doesn't work try pressing and holding "the power button" and "home button" at the same time for 2 seconds. 

Just press and hold your finger on " Home" button , all application will apear that you opened

Go to " Settings" , go to " Battery" Then mark on " Battery Percentage" . Now the charge percentage will always appear beside battery. 

Yes , you can remove battery from any mtouch mobile except shock proof & water resistant mobiles

Turn you mtouch device off then press and hold on " Power" button & " Volume - up " button . Black screen will appear with choices . Choose " wipe data / reset factory" by pressing " power" button.
your device will reset automatically then turn off your device and turn it on again you will find that your problem solved.

Mtouch made in china with standard specifications and 12 months warrenty

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